2022 Arctic Connections Fund

In 2019, the Scottish Government published Arctic Connections, Scotland’s first Arctic policy framework. The document reviews links between Scotland and the Arctic region, reflects on Scottish-Arctic similarities and encourages greater cooperation on shared challenges, with a view to developing joint solutions for mutual benefit of Scottish and Arctic communities. The policy framework includes a commitment to creating a fund supporting international collaborations between Scottish and Arctic partners.

The Arctic Connections Fund was established in 2021 to help Scottish organisations and communities collaborate with partners in the Arctic. It promotes exchange of expertise on shared issues and stimulate cooperation around common ambitions.

From academic research and trade exchanges, to cultural partnerships and public policy-making, Scotland has established deep and diverse links with its Arctic neighbours.

As well as raising awareness of Scottish-Arctic connections, the fund encourages further mutual learning in areas – especially those covered in the policy framework – where Scotland and the Arctic share similar challenges and can learn from each other.

Scotland-based organisations can apply for a minimum of £1,000 and maximum of £10,000. The total available budget for the fund in the 2022-2023 financial year is £80,000. 

Completed applications must be emailed to europeanengagement@gov.scot and must be received no later than 12:00 (midday) BST on 27 April 2022. An automated acknowledgement will be sent on receipt of applications.

Find out more about the 2022 Arctic Connections Fund here.

Lorna Murphy - Scotland Europa - March 16, 2022