Philip Piatkiewicz


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Office Flag button_EU
Job title Senior EU Policy & Funding Executive
Phone(s) T +32 2 282 83 12 / M +32 460 97 76 85
Bio Philip Piatkiewicz is Senior Policy Officer at Scotland Europa where he has been working since November 2016 and leads the Research and Innovation (R&I) portfolio. The work contributes to Scotland’s strategic and coordinated approach to EU engagement he builds strategic and operational links to support Scottish engagement with key networks, agencies and decision makers across the EU institutions, regions and internationally.
Philip holds a master’s degree in European studies from the Università degli Studi di Siena and a bachelor’s degree in information communications from Manchester Metropolitan University. He is trilingual speaking Polish, Italian and English and has proficiency in French. He previously worked extensively in project coordination and is experienced in leading large EU funded collaborative projects, supporting the planning and implementation and financial management.
He also makes a better pasta alla carbonara than most Italian grandma’s.