Brexit: What next for the UK and Scotland?

In March, the UK Government gave official notice of its intention to withdraw from the European Union. It is not yet clear what form Brexit will take and what our future relationship with Europe will be. The Scottish Government has set out its own demands, including that Scotland should remain within the European single market.…


Scotland Europa EU Insight Familiarisation Programme

Following demand from members, Scotland Europa will organise an EU Insight Familiarisation day in Scotland. The one day programme will have a particular focus on the post-referendum environment, with sessions on the changing UK/EU relationship, developing our approach to EU engagement following the referendum, maximising EU policy and funding opportunities, and international collaboration. The event…


European Awareness Day

The University of Stirling's Division of Communications, Media and Culture is organising a European Awareness Day. As part of the planned activities there will be two showings of a free musical performance ‘Europe: What a Passion!’ by Daniela Martinelli and Francesco Pigozzo from the International Centre for European and Global Governance (CesEU), Italy at the…


Digitizing European Industry: opportunities for growth via automation, robotics and digitalization

The workshop “Digitizing European Industry: opportunities for growth via automation, robotics and digitalization” will take place on 14th June from 12:00 to 17:30  at the Microsoft Executive Briefing Centre (Rue Montoyer 51, Brussels).  The workshop will focus on elements of the Digitizing European Industry (DEI) strategy of the EC and take-up measures which are aimed at…