Highlands and Islands European Partnership paper on Regional Policy

Scotland Europa member Highlands and Islands European Partnership has prepared a position paper on future Regional Policy post-2020.



After exiting the EU, UK regions will no longer be able to access EU structural funds. A new Regional Policy is therefore required for the UK as a replacement and to help maximise the economic potential of our regions. The Highlands and Islands European Partnership (HIEP) recognises the importance and value of effective Regional Policy and seeks a future Regional Policy that is:

  • Nationally aligned and regionally responsive, focusing on regional competitiveness and socioeconomic inclusion
  • Long term and strategic in nature, with resources commensurate with the scale of challenge and opportunity
  • Regionally flexible, driven by the involvement of local partners in development, delivery and evaluation
  • Aligned with wider delivery mechanisms and, in particular, UK / Scottish Rural Policy

For further information, contact Angus MacLeod at angus.macleod3@highland.gov.uk