Learning and capacity building

Learning and capacity-building is an integral part of our role as a unique enabler of Scottish EU engagement. Building greater capacity within our member organisations to achieve their EU engagement ambitions has always been a core element of our existing membership services.

As EU opportunities become broader and more complex, building capacity of a wider range of colleagues is needed to provide the expertise and resource required to access these.

We offer general EU familiarisation training in Scotland and Brussels and more specific capacity building programmes involving tailored meeting programmes with key decision-makers for specialist and senior staff.

In particular, we deliver the EU Insight Familiarisation programme – a two day Brussels based programme open to members and non-members seeking to develop their understanding of the EU institutions, process, policies and funding programmes. (Delivered annually in May/June)

Our team also design and deliver meeting programmes for member engagement with officials from the EU institutions, European Parliamentarians and other stakeholders in Brussels. Equally, we arrange programmes for EU officials to visit our members in Scotland so that they can learn first hand how EU legislation impacts on their business.

Case Studies

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