EU project support

European Union funding in the 2014-2020 programmes plays an important role in supporting sustainable economic growth in Scotland. European projects can make a real difference to the work of Scottish organisations, the competitiveness of Scottish businesses and the lives of Scottish citizens.

Scotland Europa helps members to understand the funding programmes, identify opportunities and develop projects for European funding. Our services include:

  • Regular updates on funding programmes and related policy developments
  • Organising information events and workshops
  • Providing access to transnational partners
  • Liaison with UK national contact points and the European Commission
  • Providing extensive support to applicants throughout the project lifecycle
  • Providing advice on specific compliance issues, prior to the submission of claims

Once a funding opportunity is identified, Scotland Europa can assist with review of ideas and advice on development of the project and the application.

We provide support with the following funding instruments:

Case Studies

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