Networking and positioning

With a proven record of developing Scotland’s interests and maximising our opportunities in Europe, we offer members an extensive network of contacts within Europe and the support and advice necessary to influence policy, develop projects and share information. Members can use our extensive contacts to build strategic alliances and ongoing relationships for policy influencing, developing projects and promotional activities. Linkages created through our involvement in networks and platforms have proven extremely useful in developing partnerships and projects for forthcoming calls for proposals.

Using our conference centre facilities in Scotland House we organise policy seminars, project forums and promotional/networking events. These discussions with the EU institutions, representatives of EU regions and nations, EU networks and other stakeholders ensure that our members’ interests stay well connected in Europe. Scotland Europa members enjoy free use of the conference centre, meeting rooms and hotdesking facilities in Scotland House. We also offer event development and management support for members holding events in Brussels.

Scotland Europa is a member of, or cooperates closely with, a number of European-level networks and organisations to further the interests of Scotland and our members, in particular the following:

  • European Regions Research and Innovation Network (ERRIN) – ERRIN is a network of EU regions and their Brussels-based representative offices which facilitates knowledge exchange, joint action and project partnerships in the area of research and innovation
  • Vanguard Initiative for New Growth through Smart Specialisation – Scotland is a partner in this regional network to use smart specialisation strategies for entrepreneurial innovation and industrial renewal
  • European Association of Development Agencies (Eurada) – Scotland Europa coordinates Scottish Enterprise’s membership of Eurada, which represents economic development agencies across Europe

Scotland Europa also supports and helps coordinate our members’ engagement in a number of thematic networks.
Read a more comprehensive list of our and our members’ collective networks.

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