Scotland Europa Paper 37 – Judge Ian Forrester QC – European Union Law in the UK after Brexit

To mark our 25th anniversary of networking Scotland in Europe, we are proud to re-introduce the Scotland Europa Papers with an additional objective of sharing and developing ideas for ongoing Scottish engagement with the EU and internationally in the context of Brexit. The series goes hand-in-hand with the Scotland House Discussion Series, which is designed to share views, expertise, and experience from Scotland with our European partners.

The following paper was originally written by Judge Ian Forrester QC, to be presented as a lecture before the Europa Institute and Edinburgh Commercial Law Centre on 20 April 2017. It sought to address the realities of the transposition of EU law to domestic law following the UK’s departure from the European Union, and the impact this might have on the issue of sovereignty. 

We were delighted to have Judge Forrester launch our Discussion Series in June this year with a lecture based on the paper.