Scottish Enterprise Net Zero Framework for Action

Scottish Enterprise recently launched its Net Zero Framework for Action, outlining its approach to supporting businesses to achieve a green, fair economic recovery from the impact of Covid 19.

Scottish Enterprise’s framework for action focuses on net zero economic opportunities for Scotland that also deliver benefits to the environment and society. Scottish Enterprise’s strategic ambitions are to expand net zero opportunities; support a just transition as well as lead and influence change through incentivising businesses to commit to sustainable practices.

The Net Zero Framework for Action addresses Scottish Enterprise’s own emissions but the focus of the framework looks beyond the organisation, as Scottish Enterprise has an important role in helping other organisations address climate change. Scotland’s national economic development agency has already supported many businesses across Scotland to be more sustainable and since 2018 has helped companies identify over 700k tonnes of CO2 savings, equivalent to taking half a million cars off the road.

Alongside setting a target to become net zero in its own operations by 2040 and embedding a focus on business sustainability, Scottish Enterprise has also outlined how it is working with Scottish Government’s business action group to make the most of the opportunities of COP26 in November.

Learn more about the Net Zero Framework for Action here.

Lorna Murphy - Scotland Europa - July 8, 2021