Special Paper – CCS in Scotland and Europe

This joint Paper from Scotland Europa, Scottish Enterprise and the Scottish Government presents a coordinated response to the European Commission’s stakeholder consultation on a future for carbon capture and storage (CCS) in Europe.

CCS is currently at a crossroads in the EU, with weakened political support for the technology since the Emissions Trading System has not provided an effective incentive for investment in low carbon technologies and development of the technology has not progressed as foreseen.

It is clear that the EU will not meet the goal of its CCS demonstration programme for 12 operational demonstrators by 2015.

In the joint Scottish paper, we support the case for CCS to remain a priority in the EU’s wider framework of measures and funding mechanisms for climate change and energy policy. 

The Paper demonstrates Scotland’s potential to make a significant contribution to the development of CCS in Europe with two active projects pursuing full chain, commercial demonstration of CCS; and the opportunity for a CO2 storage hub in the Central North Sea to store a significant proportion of Europe’s carbon emissions.