Special Paper – Scotland Europa Response to Europe 2020 Mid-term Review Consultation

This response is based on contributions from a number membership organisations and partners of Scotland Europa, including: the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities, the East of Scotland European Consortium, the Highlands and Islands European Partnership, NHS 24 Scotland, Scottish Enterprise, the Scottish Government, the Scottish Environment Protection Agency, Scottish Power, the Scottish Trades Union Congress, the Scottish Wildlife Trust, the University of the Highlands and Islands and Zero Waste Scotland. 

Each of these organisations has a strong degree of previous experience in contributing to EU policy development, as well as utilising European funding to undertake economic development activities across Scotland and with partners throughout the EU. Therefore this consultation response is based on the collective expertise of Scotland Europa members with significant practical experience of how macro-economic policies impact on the ground. These insights are important to provide a greater “line of sight” between local, regional and EU level policymaking.  

Rather than presenting a uniform view to which all contributors can adhere, this submission is, however, necessarily a summary of a diversity of views, and some contributors have provided their own detailed submissions.